Thank you for taking care of Robin so promptly.  It may have been that she enjoyed your care so much that she just wanted to enjoy your hospitality again. 
 Take care,
 Edward Monroe
NuWays Unlimited Inc.
Murrieta, CA

Good morning, Dr. Britton!
Just wanted to let you know that my CIGNA dental insurance reimbursed me fully all the costs for the work you did for me. 
I'm so thankful to have that work done!  I knew I should get my fillings taken care of, and so glad to get the recommendation and arrangements made by Dr. Tony's office. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!
Will always remember our dental experience with you, and share it with others as I recommend they get their amalgam fillings removed by a recommended bio dentist. Now really, where can you go to the dentist and have a good time with pleasant memories?  Never in my lifetime, until we met you!
Hope all is well with you and your family and you are having a great life!
Gloria McDonald 
Robinson, IL